Using Remind allows me to keep my students and their parents up-to-date with exactly what’s going on in class.

Todd Nesloney Principal at Navasota Intermediate

Access Distance Learning through Building Relationships


Being a teacher involves much more than teaching. It is not just the art of disseminating knowledge, but rather building relationships. Students learn best when positive relationships are formed between them and their teachers. Being an online or “virtual” teacher makes those relationships all the more important.

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How to Bring the Classroom Home: Involving Parents


When the bell rings, ending yet another school day, all across the United States parents are asking their kids what they learned in school that day. The overwhelming majority is an answer of “nothing.” Remind helps to transform this answer and gets students and their parents talking and discussing the school day.

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School Counselors Can Reach Higher with Remind


I began using Remind in our counseling office several years ago, shortly after another teacher in our building discovered it and shared it with staff. I was looking for a way to help our juniors and seniors (and their parents) stay on top of their college planning and scholarship searching.

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10 Ways to Organize Classroom Communication


Have you checked out Remind’s new app? The ways to improve school-wide communication and strengthen the home-to-school connection just keep getting better. Try it out before back-to-school to see how the student on-boarding process this fall can be so much easier! (plus… it’s free!)

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Coaching with Remind: Team Communication


I have been utilizing the power of this communication tool for quite some time now, and it is the most effective and efficient when compared to others that I have tried. I used it both as an educator and as a coach and I continue to use it as a high school administrator.

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Remind as a Powerful Tool for Twitter Chats


I founded North Dakota’s state educational twitter chat #ndedchat last summer. I needed a free, simple, and “non-annoying” way to remind the #ndedchat participants about upcoming chats. It wasn’t until the trip back home from ISTE 2014 that I realized I should be using the edtech tool I love and use so much, Remind!

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R U On Track for College? 6 Strategies

Photo credit: Fairfield Citizen

This year, West Virgina has launched a pilot program to keep high school students on track for college through a successful strategy: texting. According to EdWeek, the program is affordable at the cost of $7 per student. However, what if this program were available to all students — for free?

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